Saving energy in comfort

We live in times where increasing attention is paid to energy issues. There is a growing acknowledgement of our vulnerability all over the world. This is due to our dependence on fossil energy sources, the increasing fear of climate change and unlimited CO2 emissions. There is an ongoing, diligent search for sustainable energy to stop these negative effects.

We live in an era where an increasing amount of time and attention is spend on energy issues. There are, however, difficulties with this search. Technology has not yet reached a sufficient level to successfully meet the global energy requirements by generating alternative sustainable energy.

In Recair’s view, the energy requirements are, in actual fact, less than generally stated: because energy is already there in the quantities and form required. But we lose so much energy by, e.g. radiation or ventilation to outside. If, for example, houses, schools and office buildings would not, or would barely, lose energy due to radiation or ventilation, energy requirements would decrease to an extent where society would no longer have to worry about the global deposits of fossil fuels.

Recair has energy losses due to ventilation as its specialism. Recuperators can be used effectively to reduce these ventilation losses to a minimum, substantially reducing the energy requirements of the living environment.

By continual product innovation and improvement, Recair wants to maximize the applicability of its recuperators. In this manner Recair wants to contribute to:

  • A comfortable and healthy living environment;
  • Decreasing our society’s dependence on fossil energy.

Recair’s ambition is to deploy recuperators on a broad scale. This implies, among others, the following product qualities:

  • Manufacture from commonplace (affordable) materials;
  • Sustainable reliability for operations;
  • Globally available.

Because Recair wants to preserve its specialists knowledge and skills, we focus on manufacturing recuperators as a component. This is delivered to the manufacturer of the equipment, in which the recuperators ‘comes to life’.

What we do


Recair manufactures an innovative range of heat-recovery cores that, when integrated into a heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) unit, create the optimum indoor environment. Our products enable you to control temperature and humidity, while reducing energy costs. We have designed our products to help you reduce your use of fossil fuels in a comfortable and achievable manner. Our products are primarily targeted towards the architectural, construction and real-estate sectors, and are designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial projects. However, they are also attracting considerable interest in the automotive, white goods and horticultural sectors.


Meeting global needs
Located in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, Recair is a small business with big ideas. Our size allows us to maintain the passion and excitement that first led us to establish our business in 2000. Today, our company produces over 100.000 heat-recovery cores a year. However, our mission since 2000 has remained the same: to provide the best energy-efficient heat-recovery cores for use in homes and commercial applications, and to make the global market aware of the need for heat recovery.

Highest standards
Recair has six sophisticated production lines that manufacture our heat-recovery cores. We are constantly updating our manufacturing process to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. All our products are put through rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety and excellent performance.

Constantly improving
We are proud of our products, but we are not standing still. Our Research & Development department is constantly working to create new ranges based on the latest scientific developments. Use Recair, and you can rest assured that you are using the best heat-recovery product available.