More reliable data centres

Many businesses face a growing data-centre management problem: how to house and cool ever more powerful servers. Servers are becoming smaller and more powerful, so rather than building a new, larger data centre, the initial reaction is to pack existing centres with these smaller, more powerful servers. But the more powerful a processor, the more heat it will generate.

To complicate matters, this kind of sensitive electronic equipment works most reliably in a fully isolated, dust-free environment, and is therefore normally installed within hermetically sealed cabinets. The major challenge facing business owners, IT staff and facility managers is to handle this additional heat, while keeping cooling costs to a minimum and without compromising the vital dust-free environment.

Recair is the answer
Incorporated into heat management systems, Recair heat-recovery cores transfer heat generated inside the cabinet to the cooler air outside - without allowing dust to enter the cabinet. Our product allows the temperature and humidity of the air in the cabinets to be managed very precisely through accurate regulation of the air flows.

Why use Recair heat-exchange technology in data centres?

  • Allows your servers and telecommunication equipment to operate at their optimum performance levels;
  • Reduces energy costs - heat is transferred directly through the Recair core, not your air-conditioning units;
  • No leakage to 'process' flow;
  • No humidity transfer;
  • Enables better, more reliable cooling (especially in hot and dry outside conditions) - thanks to evaporative cooling with outside air.

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