Heat recuperation
Just like people, buildings need to breathe. To maintain healthy indoor air, a certain amount of fresh air needs to be continually drawn in, at the same time as an equivalent amount is exhaled to the outside. Usually this ventilation takes place through leaks in the building or by occupants opening a window. However, the problem is that the outside air being drawn in is usually at the wrong temperature and is costly to heat or cool.

With the Recair core installed in your building’s heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) system, you will be able to have fresh air all year round at an affordable price. In cooler climates, Recair’s patented heat-recovery technology uses the heat of the air being removed from the building to warm the air being drawn in. In warmer climates, the reverse process takes place. In either case, the result is constant fresh air at a comfortable temperature. No valuable interior space is lost due to insufficient comfort near air inlets in the facade.