Eastern Europe is an important market for Recair

Specifically in areas where there is a major difference between inside and outside temperature, an enormous energy gain can be achieved with Recair heat exchangers. This why the Dutch Recair is also continuously looking at countries where the economic and physical climate are optimum for the sale of its products. This recently resulted in the establishment of a sales team for the East European market, which includes a Polish employee who has also mastered Russian.

Not only were new employees attracted for this market, the marketing material was also adapted. For instance, you can now also approach the Recair website, including the Recuperator Calculator, in Polish and Russian and the brochures are already available in Polish. The Recair app can also be downloaded in Polish and Russian. With this, 'Oszczędności energii z komfortem' is the new Recair motto; Polish for: saving energy in comfort.