Recair Sensitive

Recair Sensitive is a unique range of patented heat-recovery cores for implementation in heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) units. They are specially designed for air-to-air heat recovery in balanced ventilation systems in homes, offices and many other applications.

The Recair Sensitive is a true breakthrough in ventilation technology. It makes it possible to recover and efficiently re-use energy generated for heating and cooling interior spaces, while optimising the ventilation that is crucial for a healthy indoor climate.

The Recair Sensitive also allows users to substantially reduce their basic energy requirement costs and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

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Recair Voluminous

The Recair Voluminous is a product of the success Recair has achieved with its patented heat exchangers. Due to the widespread use of Recair heat exchangers in homes and other buildings, there was a need to also use this technology in larger spaces: hospitals, data centres, office buildings, schools, etc. For this, however, the capacity of the heat exchangers had to be seriously increased.

Recair achieved this by combining a large number of its existing heat exchangers in one steel frame, which enables custom-made solutions. The incoming flow of air is cleverly spread over the heat exchangers. The Recair Voluminous then withdraws heat from the flow of air and can recuperate 93% of the present sensible heat to heat or cool rooms.

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