Product of choice

The Recair Sensitive range has rapidly become the product of choice and the undisputed market leader in the Dutch building industry. As a result, a number of European countries, the United States and Asian countries are increasingly using the innovative Recair Sensitive. No wonder, since it provides healthy fresh air, in a way that is affordable, cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible.

The Recair Sensitive core offers:

  • Year-round fresh air indoors, whatever the weather;
  • Significantly reduced energy costs;
  • Low cost of purchase;
  • Self-regulating operation;
  • The most efficient way to ventilate;
  • Affordable and convenient;
  • Eliminates odours;
  • Prevents build-up of mould and mildew;
  • Easy to install;
  • Little maintenance required.

Benefits of Recair Sensitive:

Many areas of application
Recair Sensitive products can be used at home, in offices, schools, truck cabins and even in greenhouses!

Operates in a wide range of temperatures
The Recair Sensitive range operates effectively in air temperatures from -30 to +50 ºC.

Can be completely recycled
Recair Sensitive cores are made entirely of polystyrene, and only solvent-free elastic adhesives are used. This means that the core can be easily and completely recycled.