Energy Saving

Energy saving on the basis of heat recovery..!

Recair Sensitive heat exchangers are a step in the right direction towards energy saving. You will lower your basic costs for energy use and, equally important, you will use fossil fuels responsibly. Heat exchangers transfer energy in the form of heat from one substance (e.g. gas or liquid) to the other. They are used on the basis of energy saving in industry, motor vehicles and houses, including refrigerators and storage heaters.

Heat transfer
Energy saving through reusing warm air

In a heat exchanger, the transfer of heat creates an energy saving. Incoming and outgoing airstreams will first be separated through a strong barrier (for example a lead through). In order to avoid a difference in temperature between the two airstreams, the heat of the warmer airstream will be transferred through this barrier to the cooler airstream. The second law of thermodynamics applies to this. This law states that heat moves from a warmer area to a cooler area. This way an energy saving occurs since the heat of the warm air that leaves the building is transferred to the cool, fresh air that enters the building. This also applies vice versa.