Heat exchanger calculation

Heat exchanger calculation for heat recuperation ventilation systems

Recair Sensitive is a unique series of patented heat exchangers for use in heat recuperation ventilation systems. They were especially designed for air-to-air heat recuperation in modern ventilation systems for use in houses, offices, schools, lorry cabins, data centres, greenhouses and numerous other areas. Our heat exchangers enable the recuperation and efficient reuse of energy. The recuperated energy can then be used to heat or cool down spaces. Simultaneously, ventilation is optimised, which is crucial for a healthy living and working environment.

Heat exchanger calculation, recuperator results

In order to establish the practical effectiveness of our products for each situation, a heat exchanger calculation can be carried out via our website. Through this heat exchanger calculation, everyone can determine the results of the various heat exchangers by entering some simple information. This heat exchanger calculation can be found via the link below.

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