Heat recovery ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation, innovative & environment-friendly..!

Integrated heat recovery ventilation is an environment-friendly and energy-saving concept. It is not always easy to create the ideal climate in buildings and other enclosed spaces; it often involves substantial and expensive wastes of energy. Our passion at Recair is to develop an innovative technology that enables people to create such climates at minimum costs for themselves but also for the environment, on the basis of heat recovery ventilation.

Heat exchangers or recuperators?
Heat recovery ventilation through energy transfer

Heat exchangers transfer energy in the form of heat from one substance (e.g. gas or liquid) to the other. They are used in industry, motor vehicles and houses, including refrigerators and storage heaters. Recuperators are heat exchangers that are specifically developed for heat recovery ventilation from used, released gases and liquids and that subsequently reuse this heat by transferring it directly to another form. Recair produces these recuperators, or heat exchangers for air-to-air in ventilation, on the basis of heat recovery.