Saving energy

Saving energy on the basis of heat recuperation..!

Recair Sensitive heat exchangers are a step in the right direction of saving energy. Less energy is used, basic expenses for energy use are reduced and – also important- it makes more responsible use of, e.g. fossil fuel. Heat exchangers transfer heat of used, discharged air to freshly supplied outside air. This energy-saving principle can be used in, for instance, motor vehicles, offices and houses.

Heat transfer
Saving energy by reusing hot air

Heat exchangers provide the transfer of heat to save energy. The incoming and outgoing air flows remain continuously separated. In order to prevent a difference in temperature between the two air flows, the heat of the warmer air flow is transferred to the cooler air flow in the heat exchanger. This is done according to the second law of thermodynamics: heat moves from a warmer area to a cooler area. This way (in case of a cold outside temperature) there is less energy use because the heat of the outgoing warm air from the building is transferred to the cool, fresh air that enters the building and vice versa (in case of a warm outside temperature).