Ventilation systems

Heat recuperation ventilation systems

Ventilation systems with integrated heat recuperation are an eco-friendly and energy saving concept. Creating the ideal climate in buildings and other enclosed spaces (using ventilation systems) is not always easy. It often goes hand in hand with a considerable and costly energy waste because cold supplied air must be heated first in order to feel comfortable. Recair is passionate about developing innovative technologies that enable the industry to create an ideal climate for a minimum amount of costs and simultaneously putting less pressure on the environment on the basis of heat recuperation ventilation systems.

Ventilation systems using the transfer of energy

Heat exchangers transfer energy by transferring the heat of the discharged, used air to the freshly supplied outside air. This principle can be used in, for instance, motor vehicles, offices and houses. Heat exchangers developed for use in ventilation systems with heat recuperation are called recuperators. Recair specifically develops and produces these recuperators: heat exchangers for air-to-air ventilation systems based on heat recuperation.

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Animation on the functioning of heat recuperation in ventilation systems