Cooler truck cabins

The cabins of long-haul trucks are usually equipped with air-conditioning. The air-conditioning is powered by the truck’s engine, so if the engine is not switched on then neither is the air-conditioning. Does this mean that a driver has to spend his breaks in a scorching hot cabin? Does he have to spend more on fuel just to keep cool? Or does he have to sleep in a noisy cabin with the engine turned on (which not only goes against regulations, but also makes it difficult for him -and his fellow-drivers- to sleep well)?

Recair is the answer
Recair has the solution: a cabin-cooling unit that is smaller, lighter and more effective than the traditional cooling units on the market. The Recair core is integrated into a compact heat-exchanger unit that is placed on the roof of the cabin or behind the cabin. Since this unit does not use a compressor, it is half the weight of traditional cooling units. And more importantly, they are silent, reliable, and easy to maintain and operate. The absence of a compressor also means that the unit uses five times less energy than compressor-driven air-conditioning.

How it works
The warm air from inside the cabin is humidified even more on its way to the heat-exchanger unit, in order to reduce its temperature. At the same time, fresh air is brought into the cabin from outside. The heat exchanger itself transfers the excess heat from the incoming fresh air to the now much cooler musty air, which is then forced outside, taking the unwanted extra heat and moisture with it. As a result of this, fresh air comes in to the cabin at a significantly lower temperature than the air outside.

Why use Recair heat-exchange technology in trucks?

  • Substantial savings on fuel costs;
  • Drivers will be more alert and less tired, thanks to fresh air in the cabin;
  • No massive compressor required;
  • No wear and tear on the engine - works with engine off;
  • Five times less energy needed;
  • Low noise level;
  • No excessive humid supply air.

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