Improved productivity

A building’s ventilation system does not only affect the temperature, but also the air quality and humidity within a building – factors that, unless correctly controlled, can be harmful to the employees’ health, comfort and productivity. The best way to minimize such negative effects is to install an efficient heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) system with Recair’s patented heat-recovery technology at its core. Such a system will enable you to increase production efficiencies, reduce absenteeism and create a comfortable, quieter environment for employees.

How it works
Recair’s products, implemented in an HRV system, do not only recover heat energy but they also ventilate rooms. Musty air is extracted from the room or from the entire building, while at the same time, fresh air is brought in from outside, creating a balanced two-way ventilation system. The two airflows pass through a heat exchanger, where almost all the heat from the extracted air is transferred to the incoming air and delivered back into the room or building.

Humidity control
Recair’s products also enable you to control the humidity within a building. As a result, they help to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and also control the spread of allergens. Hereby not only protecting those who live or work in the building, but also the furnishings and preventing structural damage to the building itself. 

Clean, healthy air
A ventilation system with Recair at its core replaces musty indoor air with fresher, cleaner outdoor air. This minimizes the build-up of harmful pollutants and reduces concentrations of chemicals, fumes, CO2 and other contaminants. The system creates the fresh-air feel of an open window without energy or heat loss, or associated safety risks.

Where can you use Recair?
Use Recair’s products to:

  • Minimize CO2 levels in school classrooms;
  • Ventilate toilet and shower blocks;
  • Cool down offices in the summer;
  • Efficiently heat up meeting rooms in the winter;
  • Help manage emissions from specialist areas such as laboratories and industrial kitchens;
  • Ensure a comfortable, healthy indoor atmosphere anywhere.