Energy consumption

Energy savings result from low energy consumption, due to substantial heat recovery..!

Regarding their consumption of energy, "Recair Sensitive" heat exchangers represent a substantial advance in energy savings. They have lower energy consumption, which lowers their basic energy consumption cost, and, significantly, fossil fuels consumption is responsibly reduced. Heat exchangers transfer energy in the form of heat from one material (e.g. air, another gas, or a liquid) to another. Because of their energy-saving characteristics, they are used in motor vehicles, offices, and homes, and also in particular in refrigerators and heat accumulators. Recair exclusively develops and manufactures recuperators for air-to-air heat transfer.

Less energy consumption as a result of better utilization of heat from air
In a heat exchanger, energy consumption is reduced as a result of transfer of heat. The incoming and outgoing air streams remain at all times separate. In order to minimize the temperature difference between the incoming and outgoing air, the heat from the warmer air stream is transferred in the heat exchanger to the cooler air stream. This follows the second law of thermodynamics, according to which heat will automatically move from a warmer region to a cooler region. This means, e.g. under circumstances of a cold outside temperature, that energy consumption is reduced, as a result of the fact that heat from the warm air leaving the building is transferred to the cool fresh air entering the building. The analogous principle applies in a case of warm exterior temperature and cool interior temperature.