Heat exchange calculation

Heat exchange calculations for ventilation systems which have heat recovery


The "Recair Sensitive" is a unique patented heat exchanger for application in ventilation systems which have heat recovery. It is specially designed for air-to-air heat recovery in modern ventilation systems for homes, offices, schools, truck cabs, data centers, greenhouses, and numerous other applications. Our heat exchangers enable recovery and efficient reuse of energy. The recovered energy can be used for space heating or cooling. At the same time, the ventilation is optimized, which is crucial for a healthy home or work environment.

Heat exchange calculations -- recuperator heat recovery results

In order to be able to determine the practical efficiency of our products for each situation, a heat exchange calculation can be carried out with the use of our website. With the aid of such a heat exchange calculation, anyone can enter a certain basic data and obtain results for a number of different heat exchangers. To access the heat exchange calculation utility, just follow the link below.


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