Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems with heat recovery


Ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery are environmentally friendly and save energy. The creation of an ideal climate in buildings and other enclosed spaces (with the aid of ventilation systems) is not always easy. Often, a ventilation system will have substantial, costly energy losses, stemming from the fact that incoming cold air must be heated in order to feel comfortable. It is the passion of Recair to develop innovative technologies which enable the industry to create an ideal climate, for minimal cost, and with minimal environmental burden, which technologies are based on ventilation systems with heat recovery.


Ventilation systems with energy transfer

The heat exchanger transfers energy in the form of heat from the spent interior air to the freshly introduced exterior air. This principle can be employed in, for example, motor vehicles, offices, and homes. Heat exchangers developed for use in ventilation systems with heat recovery are known as "recuperators". In particular, Recair develops and manufactures recuperators for air-to-air heat recovery in ventilation systems.


For more information, see the following animated video:

» Operation of heat recovery in ventilation systems