Recair Voluminous

The Recair Voluminous is a product of the success Recair has achieved with its patented heat exchangers. Due to the widespread use of Recair heat exchangers in homes and other buildings, there was a need to also use this technology in larger spaces: hospitals, data centres, office buildings, schools, etc. For this, however, the capacity of the heat exchangers had to be seriously increased.

Recair achieved this by combining a large number of its existing heat exchangers in one steel frame, which enables custom-made solutions. The incoming flow of air is cleverly spread over the heat exchangers. The Recair Voluminous then withdraws heat from the flow of air and can recuperate 93% of the present sensible heat to heat or cool rooms.

With the Recair Voluminous, Recair offers an extremely flexible solution. The position of the in- and outlets can be adapted to the local situation, and the capacity of the Voluminous can be adjusted precisely according to use. Voluminous can be used for very effective heat recovery when outside air is blown in. The Recair Voluminous can also be combined with adiabatic cooling, for instance, in order to cool the present air energy efficiently.


With Recair Voluminous, Recair contributes greatly to a better indoor climate. Thanks to good performances in the field of heat recovery and the sustainability of the solution itself, this can definitely be regarded as a green solution. Energy use is reduced considerably and ventilation is optimised, which results in a healthy living, working or production climate.